I’m a mermaid,

So I aim to look good while also protecting the ocean. Its my nature, and because of this, I have an intense hobby of finding eco-friendly beauty products for my wishlist.  I love researching the products, finding out about new small businesses, and trying them out for myself! Financially, I have to limit myself to one per month. Switching to sustainable options is often not possible for many people. It can be expensive. Unfortunately, eco-friendly and sustainable products are a privilege to be able to test out. Thats why it is so important to use up what you have and if there is a switch you really want to make, see it as an investment in yourself and the future of our planet. For me, I try and find products that are reusable, will last a long time, and tell the economy that I care about how things are made and sourced. Here are some of the products I have on my wishlist to purchase this year!

Multi-Use  & Plastic Free Makeup

For February I purchased Axiology Beauty Balmies. They have yet to ship, but I am stalking the mail room in my building until they get here! They are a new small batch, female own and operated, plastic-free make up brand. These little beauties are crayons that can be used for your eyes, lips, and cheeks. They are packaged in recyclable paper packing and so very cute! I am all about multi-use minimal makeup and seriously cannot wait until they get here!

Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

So much plastic waste comes from the bathroom. Shampoo and conditioner bottles are single use and often end up in the ocean or landfill. Even if you try and recycle them, did you know only 8% of everything that is recycled is actually recycled? Sad. The first ingredient is often water, and they produce a lot of water waste in manufacturing. The best way to combat this, in my opinion, is to stop the waste from the beginning. Shampoo and conditioner bars are solid, so they don’t use as much water, they also usually come in completely plastic free packaging.

I have used Lush bars before and had a great experience. I have also looked into HiBars, and Peach from The Grove Collaborative. Recently however, rice water has been all the rage. A company called Viori has been popping up in my social feeds, presenting beautifully designed zero waste bars utilizing rice water. They are 100% vegan, plastic-free, and ethically sourced. Rice water has claimed a LOT of hair benefits, including strengthening, growth, volumizing, and shine. I can have fabulous hair and help the ocean while doing it? YASS PLEASE. That is why this product is on my eco-friendly beauty products wishlist for this year!

Plastic-Free Mascara

I have been following this vintage inspired luxury makeup company for a while now. It is called Besame Cosmetics. They offer an amazing water-activated cake mascara tin. It costs $25 for a reusable tin case, small applicator brush and mascara cake. It is made with natural wax that is vegan, cruelty free, and sustainably made in California. You can purchase a re-fill only to replace the cake once used! This product is also multi-use! With the correct applicator, this cake can be used as eyeliner or eye-brow fill! Now thats what I am talking about! Three products in one, low-waste, and feeling like Marilyn Monroe… it feels too good to be true!

Body Stones

Kate McLeod just came out with the sexiest body product ever, body stones. These bad boys are body moisturizing bars that melt in your hands and glide over the body. They come in a reusable bamboo storage case, wrapped in linen. Can you just picture a mermaid wading under a waterfall rubbing her tail and arms with this luxury ocean saving stone? I can, and I want that to be me. Dry skin has plagued me my entire life (thanks Dad) so I go through a ton of lotion, it would be AWESOME to have this kind of moisturizing experience and not have plastic-waste.

I have tried other lotion bars in the past, that came in metal tins. It was okay, but not the best. Often it would get sticky and I would drop the bar after it catches on my skin. Picking up a gross lotion bar off the ground covered in hair and dust, is not really what I had in mind for my self-care routine. Kate McLeod claims that this body stone does not do that and it easily glides and nourishes skin. I am more than willing to try bar body products again because the ocean is important and so is my skin! The stone has a Made Safe seal, which means that it is made with ingredients that do not harm human health, animals, or eco-systems. Win, win, win! The sexy body stone is definitely top of Eco-Friendly Beauty Products my wishlist.

If you have tried or end up trying any of these products I would LOVE to hear what you think! Drop my a DM on Instagram, or tag me in your social posts!