Better Bathroom Buys

I am sharing with you my easy eco-friendly swaps for the bathroom! Upgrade your beauty and hygiene routines to reduce unnecessary plastic.

Bars of soap, duh

Listen, I like enjoy a good shower gel as much as the next person, but they are NOT cutting it for me. Filled with plastic, dyes, and who knows what else, I left artificial fragrance and plastic bottles in the past. Now, I use bars of soap…duh! Soap in the form of a bar is slept on, and it is such a simple non-plastic replacement.  First of all, there are tons of small soap makers to support! Second, skin benefits, and even massaging elements that are also benefits of bar soap. My friend Haley makes her own soap, and LUSH has incredible bars. They usually come in paper packaging, or no packaging at all, and create zero waste, because you use it until it’s gone! If you still want exfoliating benefits just rub it on a loofa or use a bar made with pumice. 

circular beauty routines

I find it hard to replace my skin-care and beauty routines with non-plastic options. When plastic can’t be avoided, the next best option is a circular process. Meaning, you do not just discard a product when you are done, but you send the empty item back to the company and they give it a second life! Pacifica Beauty, one of my all time favorite beauty brands, uses this process! If you send back your empty items, they give you reward points and the plastic is turned into toothbrushes or razors! They provide you with a shipping label, so all you have to do is drop it off at the post office!

Ulta Beauty also just teamed up with Loop to create a circular beauty process as well! They use a deposit system for their glass and metal containers. When you send the empty item back, you get your money back! I have yet to try the system, but I am so so thrilled that a major company like Ulta is looking into more sustainable options! 

re-fillable soap

Just today I ventured out to my local Re-Fill store. I am in Nashville Tennessee and go to The Good Fill. If you happen to be in Kalamazoo Michigan, I follow BeeJoyful on TikTok, another re-fill store!

These stores offer a wide variety of products you would usually buy in a plastic bottle and give you the chance to bring in your own containers to fill. I bought a soap dispenser from home goods, brought it to The Good Fill, and got my bathroom hand soap filled for a FRACTION of the store price. Oh, did I mention that it is also less expensive per ounce? Usually you are also paying for the disposable plastic packaging, but by filling and using your own container you pay less for a better quality product! 

glass soap dispenser on counter at re-fill store


water saving shower head

Now, I’ll be honest, I haven’t got my water bill yet, but this shower head is already worth it for so many reasons! This shower head went viral on TikTok when users were showcasing the water pressure, purifying, and filtering features. It also comes with a multi-colored LED light version if you like to have a rave in the shower. I opted out of that feature, but I am throughly enjoying the skin, hair, and water saving benefits.

This shower head turns hard water soft and still maintains incredible water pressure. It filters the water through red and black beads purifying the water so that it is better for your skin and hair. I have noticed a HUGE difference in my very dry skin. I am not as flaky! My hair feels legitimately SO MUCH LIGHTER. I was skeptical about this shower head at first but now, I am a huge fan. 

Will you be implementing these easy eco-friendly swaps for the bathroom? Let me know! Tag me on Social media if you try any other these ideas out. I am @feliciawithfins on everything!