Underwater Model

Felicia is an accomplished model on land, and began diving into the underwater world professionally in summer 2018. Though she truly began honing her skills in middle school when she was gifted a point and shoot underwater camera for good grades and took turns taking photos in the pool with her friends and family.

Live Performance

In the winter of 2019, Felicia auditioned for a performance team of professional mermaids, the Circus Siren Pod. Out of a group of 30, 3 made it on to the team, including Felicia. SHe now regularly performs with the group in their infamous 9ft cylinder tank, Albatross, and heir smaller traveling tanks, Frigate and Puffin.

Social Media

If you are not already follow @feliciawithfins across all platforms to keep updated on Felicia’s mermaid lifestyle! From collaborative images with other underwater creatives on instagram, or fun trends and mermaid tricks on TikTok, to lifestyle vlogs on Youtube, following Felicia will be an aquatic adventure for sure!

Aquatic Actress

Though live performances take up most of the Fins time, Felicia is equipped and ready for any film based aquatic performances. She entered the underwater world in 2018 appearing in a sci-fi Mattress Commercial filmed underwater. Her ultimate goal is star in, create, or both, a television or movie filmed underwater.

Underwater Creator

When not in front of the camera, Felicia enjoys capturing others in the aquatic space. She frequently collaborates with her Circus Siren Sisters. She has shot in pools, tanks, and even fresh water scuba lakes.