sustainable products and practices to look good while doing good for the ocean.

Hi there! I’m Felicia, with Fins. I am a professional mermaid trying to look good while doing good for the ocean. I started this blog, For Fins, to share all the eco-friendly and sustainable products and practices I have sound that help save the oceans and the planet. We need fish in ocean. Not plastic. My goal is to do my best to reduce overall waste, but especially single use plastic. Join me as I share all things clean beauty, eco-friendly, and being a mermaid!

Sustainable Summer Wishlist: Fashion

I've got a growing Sustainable Summer Wishlist for Fashion! Two brands in particular have stood out as sustainable summer fashion finds. There are so many small businesses out there doing their best to source responsibly, [...]

Viral TikTok Shower Head Review

A shower head went viral on TikTok, and I am here to review it. This shower head went viral for its water pressure, softening abilities, water-saving, and even an LED light option.  What it Claims [...]

Easy Eco-Friendly Swaps for the Bathroom

Better Bathroom Buys I am sharing with you my easy eco-friendly swaps for the bathroom! Upgrade your beauty and hygiene routines to reduce unnecessary plastic. Bars of soap, duh Listen, I like enjoy a good [...]

The Best Anti-Fog Diving Mask for Underwater

Does your mask fog while swimming or diving? When you come up for air and your visibility is than if you were underwater WITH OUT goggles? Look no further because I am HONORED to [...]

How to make Underwater TikToks

Have you ever seen people dancing underwater on TikTok and wonder how to make them yourself? Well, as an underwater creator, I am here to share all the details for how to make underwater TikToks! [...]

Underwater Artists You Need to Know About

It is incredibly difficult it is to work underwater and make it look smooth and second nature. These are incredibly talented underwater artists you need to know about. I am a huge fan [...]

Easy (and Cute!) Ways Reduce Single Use Plastic

Welcome to my ultimate Mermaid approved guide to Easy, and Cute, ways to Reduce Single Use Plastic Sea animals are drowning in plastic, and it is not okay! If dolphins are being tangled in [...]

Eco-Friendly Beauty Products on My Wishlist

I'm a mermaid, So I aim to look good while also protecting the ocean. Its my nature, and because of this, I have an intense hobby of finding eco-friendly beauty products for my wishlist.  [...]

Mermaid Approved Gear for Water Activities

Mermaid Approved Diving Gear for Snorkeling and Swimming Hi! I'm Professional mermaid and underwater content creator. Swimming, snorkeling, and diving are what I looove to do! If you do too, I've got some GREAT [...]

Easy Recycling in a City

Easy Recycling in a City that Throws Everything Away There are still many places that have not gotten hip to recycling programs yet. No recycling bins encouraged in personal homes, no program that widely [...]

How to Make a Hot Toddy (21+)

How to make a Hot Toddy Mermaid Approved Hot Beverage for after Swimming. I regularly get water up my nose sending my sinuses into FLAMES. Getting water up your nose, SUCKS. My Issue Have [...]