A shower head went viral on TikTok, and I am here to review it. This shower head went viral for its water pressure, softening abilities, water-saving, and even an LED light option. 

What it Claims

Suffering from dry skin, I really wanted to try the soften and purifying effects from this head. The shower head has filtration beads, which are vaguely referred to as “gray natural stones,” and “red natural stones.” The gray stones claim to be made of minerals that make the skin soft and elastic. The red stones claim to promote blood circulation, delay skin aging, and filter water impurities. Whatever that means. The descriptions and instructions for this shower head were obviously translated to english and do not always make sense. However, I was intrigued and ready to try it. 

My Experience

I almost returned it. I am glad I did not. 

When the package arrived and I unboxed it, I was dumbfounded at how cheap it felt. The shower head cost $50, which is not very much in terms of luxury bathroom fixtures, but still more than many of the other similar options available on Amazon. It was plastic and felt like it could break easily. The item does come with a warranty, so I am glad I kept with it. Though the instructions did not make any sense, it was easy to install by myself. I got the hose option because a hand-held head makes it so much easy to clean the tub. 

The water pressure is very impressive, and there are even different spray modes; rainfall, jetting, and massage. I took my first shower and was astounded. My hair felt incredibly light and fluffy. Usually my hair is heavy and dry, but after one wash with this shower head I felt a noticeable difference. 

Now, the shower-head has been in use for about 3 months, and my skin is noticeably less flaky. My hair has continued to feel softer. Cleaning the tub is easier and the water pressure certainly helps. 

In conclusion, totally worth my investment. 

How to Buy

If you are interested in trying out this shower head for yourself, you can purchase it by clicking here

They have different color options and you can get the shower head with out the hand held hose for a significant decrease in price. 

If you try it out be sure to tag me on social media and let me know what you think!

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