Does your mask fog while swimming or diving? When you come up for air and your visibility is than if you were underwater WITH OUT goggles? Look no further because I am HONORED to share with you, the best diving mask, with NO FOGGING. 

No More Fog!

Seriously. No spraying, wiping, or spitting needed. Put the mask on and don’t give it another thought for the rest of your trip underwater. This mask uses an Anti-Fog film over the lens, that lasts fog-free for months to years of use. It is super simple to replace as well. You can check out the technology for yourself here. Its the best Anti-Fog diving mask I have tried! 

Fit for Every Face

This mask is designed for a wide variety of faces in mind. The straps are comfortable, durable, and adjustable. Theres no pressure points (I am headache prone so this was KEY for me) and is pretty much leak proof. It claims to fit 90% of faces, and if it happens not to fit your face, they offer 100% returns and will send you a shipping label to send it back. Speaking of, 

Excellent Customer Service 

The Mask also has a two-year warranty to cover any manufacturing issues. This company started on kickstarter, and the owners are passionate about the product and sharing the best possible underwater experience. ProShot, their underwater phone case, also have a iPhone warranty. If anything happens to your phone while using their product, you’re covered for a year! Check out my post to learn how to make underwater TikTok videos

Mermaid wearing a diving mask and pearls

Tidal Sports Anti-Fog Mask is worth every penny to have a great underwater experience! Click here to get your own! 

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I am @feliciawithfins on everything! Tell me if it is truly the best anti-fog diving mask! My friend Tasha is researching sharks in South Africa right now, and told me the mask has had NO FOG her entire trip!