Welcome to my ultimate Mermaid approved guide to Easy, and Cute, ways to Reduce Single Use Plastic

Sea animals are drowning in plastic, and it is not okay! If dolphins are being tangled in soda rings, or sea turtles snort up straws, the plastic crisis is something we need to address, right now. The best way is by reducing our plastic consumption. This can be achieved through super cute reusable items!

Reusable Cups You Need for your Next Iced Coffee

Starbucks gives out a 10 cent discount for anyone that brings their own cup. Since hot beverages are usually sold in paper cups, its a liiiittle less crucial, but iced beverages that use plastic cups, tops, and straws, should keep something you keep in mind, and bring your own. For this first cup, I am recommend FULL mermaid vibes. The company Mermaid Straw is on a mission to reduce single use plastic by creating stunning reusable stainless steel straws and cups. ZERO plastic is used in their shipping process, even the tape is made of paper! Check out their adorable cups here.

Starbucks sells their own reusable cups, mine is mermaid themed, of course. Some of the thicker double layered plastic cups they sell, I have beef with, by the way. They are super cute but always crack and break on me. So I recommended going for a more durable plastic, metal or better yet, support a small Etsy business that customizes and creates Reusable Starbucks cups! You can find a nice Leopard print one here.

The Final Straw

My go-to reusable straw is from Final.Co, I always have one in my purse! It folds up into a neat and tidy case and includes a brush cleaner. They even have key chain attachments and are pocket sized if a purse isn’t your thing.

This company is full of puns… Final Straw, get it, and full of ocean-saving awesomeness. Not only are collapsable straws available, but foldable cutlery as well. I am team fork, and have one in gold!

The Bee’s Knees

Cling wrap can go to H E double hockey sticks. It is single use plastic that most of the time, sticks to everything except what you want it to stick to, mostly itself, balling up into a pile of wasteful useless-ness. To replace this monstrosity, Bees Wax paper became a staple in my kitchen.

Firstly, It is natural fabric covered in beeswax. The heat of your hands softens the wax to form to whatever surface you wish to cover. Secondly, Bees Wax Wrap will last up to year and then can be repurposed or composted. However, it is a bit pricey when you compare it to the price of plastic. Because it is reusable, it comes our cheaper in the long run, and it can even be made at home. Your local natural foods store will most likely have it in stock, but you can also get it from Etsy,  and support a small business! Or, seriously try making it your self! Get crafty!

There ya have it, my easy, and cute, ways to reduce single use plastic. I have so much more to share, you can check out my Beauty Products Wishlist, if you want to reduce plastic in your self-care routine!

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