I’ve got a growing Sustainable Summer Wishlist for Fashion! Two brands in particular have stood out as sustainable summer fashion finds. There are so many small businesses out there doing their best to source responsibly, up-cycle goods, reduce plastic in packaging and shipping, and create more circular processes!

Summer Essential: Bikini

My Eyes are on a Lagoon Designs Up-Cycled Bikini Set. This small, woman owned and operated business sells beautiful swim wear. They take their extra fabric piece them together and create stunning one of a kind bikinis in your preferred cut and style. I’m currently on a waiting list because this option takes time to create and sells out quick!

Breezy Lounge Wear

Next, Summer nights around the bonfire or looking up at the stars in the breeze must be accompanied with the perfect casual lounge wear. For Better Days is a clothing brand dedicated to creating a circular process. They up-cycle and recycle textiles into new fresh pieces. My shopping cart has been holding on to their 40’s Half Zip and a Take Back Bag. If you are already disposing or donating clothing, consider purchasing – for credit – a Take Back Bag. Landfills are not an option, and For Better Days make sure your used cloths never end up in one.

For the Face & Body

Lastly, beauty deserves a wishlist as well! I read a recent statistic that 120 BILLION beauty product packing is made to end up in the landfill. My bathroom has become increasingly less wasteful because I wrote down my desires and wishes, then purchsing one each month. When you decide to reduce your waste it is important to use up everything you already have! It may take time, and that okay! My favorites recent plastic-free additions include Viori Beauty shampoo & conditioner, Axiology Beauty makeup,  and Dew Mighty serum!

I shared my beauty wishlist in an earlier post. 

Have any Sustainable Summer Fashion you love? I’d love to hear about it! Tag me on social media, @feliciawithfins on all platforms!