Mermaid Approved Diving Gear for Snorkeling and Swimming

Hi! I’m Professional mermaid and underwater content creator. Swimming, snorkeling, and diving are what I looove to do! If you do too, I’ve got some GREAT suggestions for mermaid approved gear for water activities, so you can experience the water in the most magical way! Here is what I use every time I’m in the water.

Face First

Diving masks or goggles are much needed to be able to see underwater, however THEY ALWAYS FOG. Over the summer, I went on a great swimming trip with my friends to a quarry lake scuba park. It was such an incredible experience being able to dive down and see sunken school buses, motor boats, and fish! However every time we came up for air, our masks would fog up. When you’re constantly spitting into your goggles and wiping away the fog, it ruins the experience. There are sprays and liquid products that can work well for a couple hours but you have to remember to add it every single time, or re-apply over and over again during the day. Thats when I discovered Anti-Fog masks. Thats it, just the mask, and it doesn’t fog, for YEARS.

Tidal Sports is a sister company to Pro-Shot (more on that further down). They create Advanced Snorkel and Diving Gear that is Anti-Fog. I. Love. It. I have been using this masks for several months now and I never have to waste time spitting or wiping. I don’t even think about it, I am fully immersed in my underwater experience. My friend Tasha is a professional mermaid and ocean advocate. She purchased a Mask before her trip to South Africa for a Shark Internship. Recently, she just gave me an update on her gear and she is very much enjoying her Anti-Fog Shark life! If this is a mask you want to get in on, click here!

Share with the World

A lot of vacation memories unfold around the water. If you’re diving or snorkeling, or just having fun in the pool, taking photos and videos to save the memories is always important! I make a ton of underwater content for my social media channels. I bring my iPhone XR underwater in a ProShot Case. Its waterproof up to 50 ft, so it can even be used for beginner scuba divers or free divers! It comes with an iPhone protection plan if anything goes wrong. There is a case and a floating hand grip that comes with it as well! It is THE whole package honestly, and welllll worth it. If you have ever seen my TikTok, Youtube, or Instagram videos, they were filmed with this set up. Its easy to use and super secure. If you’re interested in getting in on this action, click here.

I hope you check out ProShot and Tidal Sports, because they are an awesome company that started from a Kickstarter and now is able to give back to the largest ocean clean up operation in the world. They truly are mermaid approved gear for water activities! If you happen to try these products out I would LOVE to see your adventures! Feel free to tag me on social media! @Feliciawithfins on everything!