Have you ever seen people dancing underwater on TikTok and wonder how to make them yourself? Well, as an underwater creator, I am here to share all the details for how to make underwater TikToks!


Get a really good underwater phone case, made for divers. This way it will be hard, durable, and if you drop your phone in the pool it won’t crack under pressure. I use the ProShot Case.

The ProShot comes with a protective case as well as a floating hand grip! It is only available for iPhone at this time. 


Grab a friend who can swim so they can film you, also it is always best to NEVER SWIM ALONE. 
Or, if they aren’t the best camera person, grab a weighted or suction tripod. I like this one from Amazon, it even looks like an octopus arm! Easily form this grip to a pool ladder or stair! 

ProShot uses the same mounting structure as Go-Pro, so you can use any of their mounts! You may need separate adapters for different types of mounts. 
Film in ProShot’s app or in the camera on your phone.

How to make underwater TikToks, includes editing! Edit in the Tiktok app. Many creators also recommend Splice, Video Leap, and other similar mobile editing apps. I personally use Premiere Rush, but if you can afford Splice, I highly recommend it for the use of the transitions. 

Some Editing Tips

Turn the temperature to warm to cut the blue color and turn the tint to pick to cut the green color! Cut on the beat of the music and don’t add too many effects that distract from your face or purpose of the video.

Let me See

There you go! You have made your first underwater video! I would love to see it so please tag me on social media! 

I am @feliciawithfins on everything!