It is incredibly difficult it is to work underwater and make it look smooth and second nature. These are incredibly talented underwater artists you need to know about. I am a huge fan and aspire to gain their level or control and grace in the water.

Ariadna Hafez

is a Spanish dancer, free diver, model, and just general striking human being. She has huge curly hair that frames her sun-kissed freckled face. Her instagram is truly a magical place, from her incredible free-diving photos in her feed, to her vibrant and indulgent stories about her life of travel and dance. She has starred in two underwater films that I know of. The first being Casiopea

Raw and mesmerizing, this film aims to have the viewer question life before and after the current existence we know. It was filmed in Spanish waters, and I cannot get over how incredibly stunning the entire film is.

The Second, just released recently (Feb 2021) and is called Tang’O.

The film is simple, black and white. It takes place meters below the water in Y-40, one of the deepest pools on earth. Ariadana is shown dancing around a chair, and thats all it. The description of the project is as follows, “Sometimes, art is doing something simply because we know it will be beautiful.”

Ariadna is a beautiful person, and I am so glad I am aware of her art. You can follow her on Instagram by clicking here.

Hydroman – India

We were TikTok friends, he and I, before India banned the app. Hydroman was able to amass millions of followers on the app and has successfully converted them into hundreds of thousands of Instagram and Youtube followers. This man has his own tank in India where he is fully dressed in stylish outfits, lip-syncing and dancing to popular songs. His buoyancy control is extra impressive, with the most viral videos being him seamlessly walking up walls and spinning upside down with ease. Static, he can hold his breath for around 4 minutes and perform with no air whatsoever for up to 45 seconds. Check out his Instagram and support him on Youtube!

Silvia from Slovakia

This is another TikTok friend of mine who BLOWS MY MIND. She is a nationally competing synchronized swimmer for her country, Slovakia. Her most viral video gained over 30 million hits and featured her dancing to the infamous “WAP” underwater. This dance in particular calls for landing in the splits, which Silvia does with out trouble…and without breathing. She constantly defies the laws of physics and creates amazing underwater videos. Tiktok is her most active social media, but you can also follow her on Instagram and Youtube.

If you want to become an underwater artist or creator yourself, I highly recommend diving in! For me, being underwater is my happy place, it makes me clam, and feel at peace. I use a ProShot Case to film all my underwater content. Filming yourself is a great way to see what you look like underwater and practice all the skills it takes to be as impressive the people above. If you start an underwater journey let me know! Please follow and tag me on social media, because I would love to see it!