How to make a Hot Toddy

Mermaid Approved Hot Beverage for after Swimming.

I regularly get water up my nose sending my sinuses into FLAMES. Getting water up your nose, SUCKS.

My Issue

Have you ever been in the bathtub watching gossip girl eating macaroons quoting Blair Waldorf in your head wishing you had your own Dorota? Then you lean back and relax into the epsom salt and  bubbles, letting the the warm water envelope you in cozy luxury when Oh No! You’ve leaned back too far and water escaped up your nose. Or, have you ever been playing mermaids in the pool with your, erhm definitely real, friends when you try and do a back flip only to tip your head back to find pesky chlorinated water stinging from your nostrils to what feels like YOUR BRAIN? Thats called sinus flooding. It is a regular occurrence in my life as a professional mermaid and underwater model. It is a sensation I have gotten used to, but the side effects may include day-after sniffles and sinus pressure.

My Solution

Below is a step by step guide to create my GO-TO hot beverage after a weekend of tank work or an afternoon of sinus flooding. When I’m feeling the sniffles or have a tickle in the back of my throat this is the perfect cozy remedy. It helps fight the common cold too!

It is widely referred to as, the Hot Toddy. The drink name originated in India, but is best known for its Irish roots. It was prescribed to cure the common cold and soothe sore throats in the cold months. There are a lot of variations of Hot Toddies, but here is how I make mine. All ingredients ratio are subject to your taste…and stress level.

  • Maker’s Mark Whiskey
  • Hot Water
  • Lemon (Oranges are traditionally used but any citrus fruit you desire will work! I like lemon.)
  • Honey
  • Whole Cloves
  • Cinnamon Stick

Ingredients and proportions are completely up to you. Theres no wrong way to make a Hot Toddy, except no ground spices. Whole Ingredients Only. Especially the Cinnamon Stick. It is crucial that you have the exceptional experiencing of mixing everything together, pinky up, with your fancy stick of Cinnamon. I also try and purchase local, fair trade, or organic ingredients.

How to Enjoy

Need a super cute mug to enjoy your new favorite beverage in? I always recommend shopping small, but I also really like this one a friend got me off Amazon!

Or, you can always shop my merchandise! I have a cute mugs that says either “Got Fins?”  “FishButts” or “Straight Chillin” my boyfriend is definitely on team FishButt, which team are you?

Spice up your life, clear up your sinuses, and carry on with you gossip girl bath and water goddess life!

I would love to see your take on the Hot Toddy, tag me on social media if you try it out! @feliciawithfins 

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