Felicia with Fins

In the winter of 2019, Felicia attended an open call audition for a Mermaid Performance group. Of the 30 that auditioned, she was one of 3 that made the team. From 2019 to 2022 Felicia performed with this group, called the Circus Siren Pod, performing for their mermaid tank shows. During these years, Felicia shared her performances along with other underwater videos and photos to social media. She quickly gained over 1 million followers on TikTok, with multiple videos reaching over 50 million views. Combining her knowledge and experience from her previous modeling career with this knew found online recognition, she began creating underwater videos for major brands online. She created an ad campaign for Monster Energy, and appeared in an underwater lip sync campaign for the promotion of Where the Crawdad’s Sing with Taylor Swift’s song for Sony Pictures Entertainment. Felicia also found other avenues to marry her skills and talents with her underwater passions- one of which was modeling for underwater photographers and production companies. In 2021, Felicia began collaborating and helping to build bodies of work with Createwell LLC in Nashville, TN. This resulted in publications, minted NFTs, and music videos. Felicia now collaborates heavily with Submerge Underwater, a fine art photography and production company out of California. She not only lends her modeling and acting to skills to the many creative projects, but also acts as a model coach, safety swimmer, and behind the scenes videographer.

Awards and Skills

In the summer of 2021, Felicia was honored with the title of Miss Mermaid Maryland, and later went on to win the grand prize and title of Miss Mermaid USA. The pageant included events for creativity, long distance swim, underwater modeling, interview, and evening gown. IN which, she won the superlative of Miss Photogenic. Felicia still claims the title to this day and hopes to compete internationally someday soon.

Before suffering though another cold winter with limited opportunities to be in the water, Felicia moved from Maryland to Florida. She frequently visits the natural Florida Springs creating content with her friends-with-fins.

She is certified for both PADI SCUBA diving and Free diving and plans to continue advancing her skills.

Felicia before Fins

Felicia started out in the entertainment path as a model and actress in high fashion, commercial, and independent films. She has walked many couture runways, appeared in commercial clients like the Haircuttery, Mountain Dew, and Bank of America. It wasn’t until she performed underwater for a Mattress Warehouse commercial that Felicia realized her true passion. While filming, Felicia discovered her calling to underwater performance. There was a natural progression to connecting that special calling with becoming a professional mermaid. Felicia has been a swimming, ocean, and mermaid lover throughout her entire life. In her formative years, she competed on a summer swim team and life guarded at her local pool. Since realizing her mermaid dream in July of 2018, Felicia has been working hard to make them a reality.